What is a Rainbow Baby? A rainbow baby is a child which a person gives birth to after experiencing a pregnancy loss or multiple miscarriages.


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Rainbow Baby Names: Discovering the Meaning, Symbolism and Inspiration of Rainbow-inspired names for your child.


What better reason to give your rainbow baby a special name, too? Here are some of our favorite picks: the most perfect names for rainbow babies. Saul (Hebrew meaning prayed for) 41. 6.

Theodore (Greek for gift of God) Whether you use one of these names as a first or middle name, selecting a meaningful name for your rainbow baby can be a great way to commemorate your loss and celebrate the new addition to your family.

. . 100+ Meaningful Rainbow Baby Names for Boys and Girls; List of 222 Welsh Baby Names; 119 Meaningful Native American Names for Boys and Girls; August 22 nd is national Rainbow Baby Day, an opportunity to celebrate the hope that a rainbow baby brings.

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Saul (Hebrew meaning prayed for) 41. Saul (Hebrew meaning prayed for) 41.

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“God is my strength” is Gabriella ‘s amazing meaning, while Thea means “gift of God.
Aida – This name means to be and feel happy.
Asha- This name means hope and life.

Parents put a lot of thought into their child’s name.

Alisa – This name refers to the greatest happiness.

Ravi: In Sanskrit, the name means “sun” and is associated with the vibrant colors of a rainbow. . Oct 4, 2021 · Name meaning: A lovely pink color – and of course a beautiful flower.

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Boy. May 2, 2022 · When parents finally bring home a happy, healthy baby, it's only fitting that they select a meaningful name to capture the depth of their gratitude and joy.

Explore a wide variety of baby name ideas inspired by all things celestial, including the stars, skies, and moons.

Neo - Latin name meaning "new".

Sep 12, 2019 · 140 rainbow baby names you may want to consider.

Meaning: My God is bountiful.